John Bean Updates Website With New Tru-Point Information for Perfect Calibrations

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Tru-Point calibration tool. Photo John Bean

John Bean updated the website for its Tru-Point advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) calibration tool.

Tru-Point information. Photo John Bean

The new information provides Tru-Point users with advanced information on proper calibrations to enhance performance and productivity.

“Performing a correct ADAS calibration is a lot more than just pushing a few buttons,” said Jordan Krebs, Product Manager for John Bean. “Shops must consider some important factors for an accurate procedure. The targets used for calibration must be positioned correctly to ensure accuracy. It is imperative to have the appropriate equipment to make the job a straightforward process while reducing the need for a technician to perform manual measurements. The updated website provides the needed information to make correct calibrations simply and accurately.”


The updated website features system coverage videos that demonstrate calibration processes and procedures in a clear, concise manner. New information has been added to help shops ensure accurate calibrations and learn about floor space and lighting, service data, vehicle alignment and target placement, as well as scan tool solutions.

In addition, an ADAS profit calculator can illustrate how much revenue a shop can realize by performing ADAS procedures.

The Tru-Point calibration tool performs a check of the ADAS-related wheel alignment values and closely monitors each step of the setup procedure, ensuring that OEM safety specifications have been met before an ADAS calibration is performed. Advanced camera technology ensures that everything is placed correctly so the system automatically compensates for the location of the vehicle.

A comprehensive, easy-to-read report provides documentation that the technician has executed all steps required for an accurate calibration.

To learn more about the John Bean Tru-Point ADAS calibration tool, visit the updated website.




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