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Alan Beech is an automotive aftermarket consultant, trainer, and experienced service centre owner/operator. You can reach him at [email protected]. Photo Beech Consulting

Transforming your business culture to build long term retention.

As an automotive repair business owner, you can transform your business culture by creating a memorable customer experience.

By prioritizing your customers’ needs and expectations, you can build long-term customer loyalty and stand out in a competitive industry.

One fundamental principle of the customer experience is that you should never expect your customer to be happier than your staff. By prioritizing your staff’s well-being, you create a work environment that is positive, supportive, and engaging. This translates into happier employees who are more likely to provide excellent customer service.

Mapping touchpoints

To engineer your customers’ experience with your staff, you need to begin by mapping out the touchpoints where customers interact with your business.

Make a “never” and “always” list that outlines how you want your staff to behave and interact with customers. Map out resolutions to common problems and try to eliminate pain points that customers experience when dealing with your business.

Providing empathy training for your staff is another critical component of creating a memorable customer experience. Empathy training helps your staff understand a day in the life of your clients, their challenges, and their needs. This leads to a more personalized and authentic interaction, resulting in a positive customer experience.

Allowing your clients to give feedback to your staff through an NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey is a valuable tool for gaining insights into how you can improve the customer experience. This feedback can be used to make informed decisions and continuously enhance the customer experience.

Data collection

Establishing a method of collecting customer data that can be used to enhance further visits is also essential. A system like F.O.R.D (family, occupation, recreation, dream) can be used to collect personal information about customers and build deeper relationships with them.

By setting up this system in the notes of your POS (point of sale), you can ensure that all staff can access and update customer information.

To make the service memorable to the customer, consider going above and beyond their expectations. Surprise them with a small gesture like a thank-you note, a complimentary car wash, or a follow-up call to ensure their satisfaction. By making the service memorable, you become the only shop they will deal with, and price becomes less relevant.

In conclusion, creating a memorable customer experience is crucial for transforming your business culture and building long-term customer loyalty in the automotive repair industry.

By prioritizing your staff’s well-being, mapping out touchpoints and providing empathy training—as well as allowing for customer feedback, collecting customer data, and making the service memorable—you can create a customer-centric culture that stands out in a competitive industry.

Implementing these steps today, will start you on the path to transforming your business culture and by doing so, you’ll create an unforgettable customer experience that will keep your clients coming back.


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