Shad’s Impact on Muscular Dystrophy Canada

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Shad's R&R amazing Support to MDC. Photo Shad's R&R

Stacey Lintern, CEO, Muscular Dystrophy Canada, has let it be known to Brad Shaddick, Chair of Shad’s R&R and the Shad’s R&R Board that the amazing support Shad’s has given to Muscular Dystrophy Canada has made an impact on neuromuscular research for FY22/23.

Lintern says, “On behalf of MDC and thousands of people and their families affected by neuromuscular disorders, we are grateful and there are really no words that can express our sincere appreciation.

“It’s just so amazing to review all the initiatives—honestly, you are moving the needle and making a tremendous impact.”

Lintern also shared a report showing the impact Shad’s R&R has made in its efforts toward Muscular Dystrophy Canada. To view this report, click here.


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