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Customers can find many benefits with aftermarket plugs. Photo Autolite

Are your customers aware of how high-performance spark plugs can improve their engine performance?

Depending on what they drive, there are several ways you can help them explore different ignition options and explain how improvements in spark plug metallurgy and design can affect the performance of their engines.

Understanding Quality Spark Plugs

Many customers might not understand the benefits that different spark plug metallurgies can provide, especially for late-model vehicles.

They may feel upgrading their spark plugs isn’t necessary, but you can help them feel at ease by mentioning the value of aftermarket plugs for their application, specifically when it comes to iridium.

Iridium is an extremely durable metal, even when put to the test in highly rigorous or corrosive environments. As a noble metal like platinum, iridium has a high melting point at over 4400°F and naturally resists corrosion and oxidation.

So, why should customers care about how this relates to spark plugs?

During times of high gas prices, any little thing drivers can do to improve fuel efficiency is important. That includes picking the right spark plug.

Iridium is used in modern spark plug construction, machined with a fine wire center electrode to produce more focused ignition for more than 100,000 miles. When compared with other metals used in plug design, like copper and platinum, iridium plugs deliver a cleaner and faster burn, resulting in lower emissions, stronger starting power, and improved acceleration.

Helping Customers Transition to Aftermarket

For customers who aren’t sure about making the jump from OE to aftermarket, shop owners and technicians can help them understand that such products are cost-effective and reliable—if they come from a trusted brand.

First, explain how quality aftermarket spark plugs will meet all the required specifications (thread size, diameter, reach, installed height, and seat type) and performance demands (heat range, starting power, and durability), so customers won’t have to return with ignition issues.

It’s also important to remember that even though aftermarket spark plug brands develop advanced products like those with iridium electrodes, you should still make sure they are properly tested and verified to meet the performance and reliability demands of vehicle owners.

If vehicle owners place priority on overall performance—including consistent ignition and better fuel economy—then iridium plugs are an ideal choice. These plugs also deliver a higher value because they are designed for longer mileage reliability than copper or platinum plugs.

Autolite® has been focused on developing, testing, and improving spark plugs for over 85 years, and has put in the time to enhance the performance, durability, and ignitability of plugs for domestic and import engines. Autolite® offers warranties on all spark plugs to ensure quality and reliability. Explore the benefits of our most advanced products like Iridium Ultra® at autolite.com.

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