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CarCare Business March 2020

Customers are the lifeblood of our industry.

I read a mission statement recently that declared, “We exceed our customers’ expectations!” That appealed to me… and got me thinking. You all—Manufacturer, WD, Jobber, Service Provider—could certainly use that statement in your business. It would definitely work to your best advantage. I’m sure you realize that your customers are your best asset.

This is your source for profit, your source for future customers, your source for getting ahead in business. They are your strength and you benefit from having them.

Having said that, how do you treat your customers? Do you try to gain their confidence? Do you do something extra in order to keep them happy and keep them coming back to you for service, for needed products, for warranties that stand up to their promise, for the products that provide the best answer to the problem?

Customer expectations

All these things need to be done to exceed your customers’ expectations… to keep them happy and coming back to you! It could be something small that you can do for the customer that will make him/her YOUR loyal customer! In the case of a service provider, it could be something as simple as giving the client a ride home or to work when their car is in for service. I know, you’re very busy, but stop and think about that small service. It will bring that client back to you time and again.

In the case of a jobber, you find that your customer needs the parts as soon as possible. the car is on the hoist and nothing can be done without that part. Your delivery driver expedites the part over to the shop—or you take it yourself! That customer will be most grateful and stick with you when he needs parts.

And WDs, when your client—the jobber—needs a part ASAP, you get it to them in the quickest time possible. They wouldn’t be asking you to get them that part as soon as possible if the client didn’t need it quickly. The same goes for the manufacturer who will get the part to the WD in a very short time. Customer expectations are the same throughout the whole automotive aftermarket chain!

As I said before, your customers are your greatest asset and you need to exceed their expectations. That’s how you succeed in business!

As we went to press, COVID-19 was continuing to spread and impact the economic and social landscape across Canada. Autosphere.ca has and will continue to post regular updates on COVID-19 and its impact on the automotive industry sectors we report on.

Please stay tuned to our online platforms, newsletters and publications for the latest information regarding COVID-19. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers and partners the very best in these uncertain times as well as support for their families, loved ones and colleagues. Please stay safe and well and we look forward to continue bringing you the very best information and ideas for the automotive industry.

Here is the link to the March edition of CarCareBusiness.

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