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Mike Lerch, WIX Filters Brand Manager introduced us to one of their latest new concepts… the WIX XP High-Premium Performance Cabin Air Filter!

This new cabin filter will eliminate nearly 100% of allergens, pollen and fine dust. It  absorbs odours, gases and other pollutants more effectively than their premium cabin air filter that’s enhanced with Microban®.

The XP Cabin Air Filter is Pur-air, multi-layer protection: the particle filter layer filters out nearly 100% of allergens; the premium activated carbon layer absorbs all odours, gases and pollutants and the bio-functional layer protects against odour-causing bacteria and mold growth on the filter… it truly is high-premium performance. When a filter is clogged, it will send that dust right at the people in the car and could cause health issues. A clogged cabin air filter will also cause engine problems… it puts pressure on the fan, the A/C will underperform causing weak air flow from the vents and in winter, the decreased air flow will reduce the amount of warm air the heater will blow into the vehicle. You will also get poor window fog clearing.

So WIX asks you to remember to inspect and replace your customer’s filter every 12 months or 15,000 miles (24,240.16 km). Help drivers and passengers breathe easy!

WIX was also the winner of three 2019 Women in Auto Care Awards—Best Video; Best Use of Video – Technical and Best Digital Display Ad Graphic.


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