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Mevotech has announced the launch of its latest TTX (Terrain Tough Xtreme) design innovation for ball joints.

The design (patent pending) has been developed by the company as a solution for problematic memory steer applications. Mevotech will be launching the solution at AAPEX 2019.

Mevotech notes that memory steer is one of the many common problems that can affect a fixed axle suspension. As explained by the company, memory steer is a term used to describe the pull felt by a driver in the vehicle after completing a turn, when the steering wheel does not come back to the centre position. In order to create its solution to the problem, Movotech’s technical services team, field representatives and Mevomobile crew have been working together with technicians throughout North America that have similar stories to share regarding the issue.

Engineers at Mevotech have conducted in-depth research over several months after analyzing the feedback they received. Consequently, they have designed a TTX ball joint to combat memory steer. A specially designed sintered metal upper bearing in the ball joint aids in withstanding radial loads better. Additionally, it also copes with variances in suspension geometry and aids in the full range of movement for the ball stud.

“Our design combines simplicity and extreme durability,” says Tyler Kearns, Lead Engineer at Mevotech.  “When paired with our other TTX ball joint enhancements, this memory steer solution represents the ultimate in engineering innovation resulting in optimized performance and an extended service life.”

Mevotech’s memory steer solution will be showcased at AAPEX 2019 at booth number 2850.

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