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Akebono Brake Corporation has begun its product awareness campaign—“The Hardware You Need, With The Brakes You Trust”.

Akebono Brake Corporation kick-offs “The Hardware You Need, With The Brakes You Trust” campaign.

“In an effort to bring product awareness to the expanded product line, that now includes over 400 part numbers with premium 301 stainless steel abutment hardware in the box.  Print and digital advertisements, literature, and give-a-ways all point to a new dedicated landing page that includes detailed information with part number tables for the changes that are taking place” said Edward Gerhardt, Marketing & Data Services Manager at Akebono.  “The information on our website talks specifically about the 192 numbers that were added last December and impacted by the transition.  The web-page and information contained within are designed to be usable for Akebono consumers at all levels; distributors, jobbers, professional installers, and even the do-it-yourselfers.”

The company has stated in a release that Akebono plans to tie the campaign to its AAPEX 2019 presence. Customized booth graphics, product displays, literature and a contest for qualified attendees will be some of the things to be expected at the Akebono booth # 843.

“We welcome everyone in attendance, to stop by and check it all out; talk directly with Akebono engineers, product managers or sales personnel.  All eligible on-site participants that enter the contest, will be given the opportunity to guess the quantity of premium 301 stainless steel pieces that are contained in the large on-floor display.  At least one grand prize of a $500 gift card (multiple correct answers or closest without going over ties will all get $500) will be given away, plus 25 runner-up prize packs that include a high-quality insulated mug and an assortment of Akebono branded swag” explained Gerhardt.

A random draw will also be held through which participants will have the opportunity to win a $500 gift card.

Akebono will continue with its product awareness campaign until the end of the year and will carry on to the next year. The company plans to conclude the campaign in the first half of 2020 after it has completed the transition of all parts.

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