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Bosch recently announced the release of its wireless battery and starter/charger system tester—the BAT 120.

The tester has been designed to aid technicians in performing quicker battery system tests and obtain full alternator health reports. Data gets transmitted wirelessly to a pre-installed app on the Bosch ADS 325 and ADS 625 diagnostic tools through Bluetooth connection.

Additionally, Bosch states that the BAT 120 is designed to be compatible with OTC Encore and Evolve diagnostic tools that contain software version 2.0 or higher.

Technicians will be able to use the new tester on 6- and 12-volt automotive batteries, that include regular flooded, enhanced flooded, absorbent glass mat (AGM), EV and start-stop. The tester can also be used on batteries with as little as 1.5 volts. Besides having the capability to test a vehicle’s battery charging system to gauge alternator health and troubleshoot charging issues, the BAT 120 can also carry out 12- and 24-volt charger/starter systems tests.

The tester’s three LED indicators (Blue: Connected, Green: Power, Red: Trouble) aid in displaying the results after it evaluates batteries. Additionally, Bosch has added a 20-inch cable with durable clamps along with replaceable test leads and clamps on the tester device.

Technicians now have the extra assistance with diagnosing and reporting system issues using the tester. The device has the capacity to store up to 2,000 test records and email results which can be used to show them to a customer or add to a vehicle report.

Bosch covers the BAT 120 with a one-year warranty and it is currently available in the market. 

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