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DEI’s EXO Series Sleeving has all the features of DEI’s popular Fire Sleeve with one benefit that makes it ideal for off-road racing, dirt track or extreme sports.

Like the Fire Sleeve, the DEI EXO Sleeve is constructed of high temperature resistant glass material woven into a 100 percent silicone sleeve.  The exception is that the EXO Sleeve has a 304 stainless steel exoskeleton exterior mesh that provides an added layer of protection to wires, lines and hoses exposed to harsh or abrasive conditions.

The EXO Sleeve withstands up to 500°F (260°C) of direct continuous heat or 2000°F (1093°C) intermittent heat and works as a thermal insulator for wiring, hoses & oil, brake & transmission lines. This sleeve, encapsulated with a stainless steel mesh, allows for airflow around the silicone sleeve when in direct contact with a hot surface making it highly suitable to use around hot exhaust systems and headers.

Sold with two feet of DEI Quick Fix Tape to seal the ends, it is available in two diameters: 3/8” I.D x 3 ft. (part #010872), or 1” I.D. x 3 ft. (part #010873).

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