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Service repair centres that work on Ford, GM and RAM medium duty commercial trucks require lifts with at least 25,000 lbs. (11,340 kg) capacity to properly service those vehicles.

Since 30,000-lb (13,608 kg) capacity four-post drive-on vehicle lifts are relatively easy to install, they are frequently, a popular choice.

“Medium-duty four-post lifts are ideal for general service, maintenance and inspection procedures because they have easy drive-on access and an open space between the runways that provides technicians underbody vehicle access along the complete length of the runway,” says Doug Spiller, Heavy-Duty Product Manager for Rotary Lift. “But not all 30,000-pound capacity four-post lifts are created equal, and service centres and dealers can shop wisely by asking these eight simple questions.”

Does the lift have the same capacity at different wheelbases?

Don’t be fooled by the stated lift capacity. The lifting capacity of some medium-duty four-post lifts goes down as the wheelbase of the vehicle to be lifted goes down. Make sure the lift has the capacity needed for all wheelbase sizes of the vehicles you need to service.

Does the lift include tracks for certified rolling jacks?

Rolling jacks are necessary if you plan on using the lift for wheels-free tire and brake work. These jacks travel along tracks located on the inside of each runway and engage the vehicle by its frame or pick-up points. Not all four-post lifts come equipped with these tracks.

Is the lift runway wide enough for dually tires?

Wider runway widths of at least 24 inches (61 cm) are perfect for dual rear tires and make for easier positioning on the platforms.

What is the maximum number of lock locations?

The greater the number of lock locations (and the shorter the lock spacing), the greater the number of lift working heights. Technicians are not all the same size, so a greater range of working height options provides techs with the most ergonomic work environment options.

Is the space between columns clear of obstructions?

Make sure there aren’t any overhead obstructions to be wary of when raising the vehicle. Some medium-duty four-post lifts have an overhead cylinder that can damage mirrors when a truck is raised.

Is the runway spacing narrow enough to provide the versatility to work on light-duty vehicles as well?

Versatility of equipment use is a prime consideration in many shops. Some medium-duty four-post lifts have runways spaced too wide to lift pickup trucks, cars or vans.

Is the lift ALI Certified?

Protect your shop and your technicians. Make sure the lift is third-party tested and validated to meet the current ANSI ALCTV standard.

What productivity and longevity features come standard on the lift?

Look closely at the standard features offered on the lift. For example, the 30,000-pound capacity Rotary Lift SM30 four-post lift features a standard filter lubricator regulator to maximize the life of the lift, while at the same time adding the productivity benefit of easily accessible internal air.

To learn more about the OEM-approved Rotary Lift SM30 medium-duty 30,000-pound capacity four-post lift, click here.

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