Walmart’s Electric Trucks Will Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

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Walmart has switched to electric trucks. Photo Walmart

It seems that Walmart Canada’s first electric semi-trucks are on the road in British Columbia, a meaningful first step towards its ambition to have 100% of its fleet alternatively powered.

The three electrically charged Freightliner eCascadia semi-trucks will operate out of the retailer’s grocery distribution centre in Surrey, which was designed as a hub for the retailer’s alternatively-powered vehicles. The use of these vehicles will help to prevent the use of more than 100,000 litres of fuel each year, supporting Walmart Canada’s journey to become a regenerative company that works to restore, renew and replenish the planet while encouraging others to do the same.

Important milestone

“Putting our first electric semi-trucks on the road in British Columbia is an important milestone in our regenerative efforts as we do our part to reduce Walmart Canada’s carbon footprint. The introduction of three electric semi-trucks at our Surrey distribution centre is just the first step towards our ambition of a 100% alternatively powered fleet and we look forward to continuing our journey,” said Aaron Ritter, Director Transportation.

The Freightliner eCascadia is an all-electric, zero-emissions semi-truck that can travel approximately 400 kilometres on just one charge. At Walmart, these trucks will each be used to travel approximately 110,000 kilometres annually. Designed with innovative safety technology and ergonomic seating, these vehicles are built to keep roads safe and drivers comfortable.

“Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is key to battling climate change. While there has been an uptake in electric cars for personal use, industry has been lagging in making the shift to electric vehicles. Walmart Canada is changing that with their new electric fleet of trucks,” said Mayor Brenda Locke, City of Surrey. “I am very pleased that the first phase of Walmart Canada’s electric fleet will have Surrey as its home base. I commend Walmart Canada in taking the lead to transition their vehicles to clean electric power. I look forward to seeing the electric trucks on the roads of Surrey and hope to see even more of them as Walmart Canada adds to their electric fleet.”


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