LeddarTech Announces Collaborative Agreement with Flex

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LeddarTech now has a collaborative agreement with Flex. Photo: Shutterstock

LeddarTech is pleased to announce a collaborative project agreement with Flex for the development of a LiDAR evaluation kit and related service offering for design, development, and manufacturing of automotive LiDAR sensors.

Flex is a global manufacturing, supply chain, and technology company.

LeddarTech welcomes Flex as a member of its Leddar Ecosystem team of technology and industry leaders. The collaboration combines the flexibility and scalability of LeddarTech’s sensing platform and ecosystem with Flex LiDAR sensor design and manufacturing expertise tailored to customer and application requirements. LeddarTech’s platform also includes sensor fusion and perception software, which further supports this collaboration by enabling customers to achieve optimal ADAS & AD system performance and costs along with cameras, RADARs, and LiDAR sensors supplied by Flex.

Overall, this cooperation provides a viable path to volume deployment for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD).

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