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Nissan applauds the Government of Canada’s commitment to affordable Zero-Emission vehicles.

Nissan commends the Canadian government’s announcement that introduced a federal purchase incentive up to $5,000 for Canadians who buy or lease an electric battery, hydrogen fuel cell or longer-range plug-in hybrid vehicle. The Nissan LEAF and the LEAF PLUS will be eligible for the new federal incentive program.

The program comes into effect as of May 1, 2019, with Canadians across the country qualifying for the rebate of $5,000 on all electric, hydrogen fuel cell, or plug-in hybrid vehicles with six seats or less and have a base-model Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of less than $45,000.

An incentive of $2,500 will also be featured for short-range plug-in hybrid vehicles. Existing provincial incentives, such as those in Québec and B.C., will remain applicable, where customers will benefit from a rebate of $13,0000 and $10,000, respectively.

“Nissan Canada is delighted by this announcement, as it will lead to major progress in the adoption of EVs, and ultimately a more sustainable future,” says François Lefevre, chief marketing manager, Nissan LEAF. “As leaders in the EV space, Nissan is continually innovating and striving towards our vision of a zero-emissions future. Support of this sort by the government is just an additional reason for us all to keep working towards a cleaner tomorrow.”

Nissan remains a proud innovator and pioneer in the electric vehicle category – the only non-luxury brand that offers battery options to meet customer needs.

It has so far sold 5,735 LEAFS in Canada in 2018, including 2,663 units in Quebec, up 506 % over 2017, shattering sales records since its launch in Canada.  “We’re excited that even more Canadian customers will now have the opportunity to experience LEAF ownership benefits thanks to the Government of Canada’s demonstrated commitment to making zero-emission vehicles more affordable for consumers,” concluded Lefevre.

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