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Volvo Cars will be replacing its paint shop at the Torslanda car manufacturing plant with a new one to reduce energy consumption and emissions.

Volvo Cars has been involved in numerous sustainable development projects since 2018 and is now aiming to have climate neutral global manufacturing operations by 2025.

The company’s newest project is to replace its current paint shop at the Torslanda plant–one of Volvo Cars’ largest manufacturing facility in terms of volume–with a new multi-billion kronor paint shop, which will result in energy consumption and emissions to reduce by one third. Construction will begin in 2020.

The new paint shop will have a more efficient manufacturing process to support the launch of the next generation of Volvo models, most of which will be based on an upgraded version of the SPA architecture, called SPA2.

“We have identified our paint shop operation as one area in which we can achieve significant reductions in energy consumption and emissions,” said Javier Varela, Senior Vice President Manufacturing and Logistics at Volvo Cars. “Volvo Cars is committed to our vision for a more environmentally sustainable business. This investment also strengthens our plans for the Torslanda plant to remain globally competitive.”

Volvo’s other projects involve using more sustainable materials in its products, with hopes of recycling 25% of plastics to use in newly launched Volvo cars by 2025.

It also wants to reduce the amount of plastic used in its operations. Volvo will be removing single-use plastics from all its offices, canteens, and events across the globe by the end of 2019. So far, this initiative has successfully replaced more than 20 million single-use plastic items – from cups to cutlery – with biodegradable products made of paper, pulp and wood.

Volvo’s commitment to reducing the overall environmental impact of both its products and operations has led the company to aim for fully-electric cars to make up 50% of its global sales by 2025.

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