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Hyundai Motor announced its intention to integrate solar panel charging technology into select vehicles.   

Solar panels will be integrated into roof panels to supplement internal combustion, hybrid and battery-electric vehicles. According to Hyundai, the additional energy supplied by the solar panels will increase fuel-efficiency and vehicle autonomy.

While Hyundai is currently developing several types of solar energy charging systems, first-generation panels will be used in hybrid vehicles. Vehicle roof panels will be mounted with silicon-based solar panel systems capable of charging 30 to 60 percent of the battery per day, depending on weather conditions.

Uses for second generation semitransparent solar roof panels, applied to panoramic sunroofs, will include recharging the gasoline-engine vehicle batteries.

“In the near future, numerous vehicles will be equipped with electrical-generation technology, including solar energy charging. These systems will enable these vehicles to shift from energy-consuming device to device that actively supply energy, “explained Hyundai Motor Executive Vice-President of Engineering Design, Jeong-Gil Park.

The first-generation solar charging technology will be available in Hyundai products after 2019.

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