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Curb-side charging stations aim to change the way Canadians view electric mobility.

FLO, via its parent company AddEnergie, is working in conjunction with Natural Resources Canada and electric utilities, on what the company calls, “a large-scale demonstration and installation of curb-side charging infrastructure in Canadian cities.”

This project, the company says, will address crucial needs for electric vehicle drivers living in urban areas, will benefit local businesses and significantly advance the country’s existing charging infrastructure.

This project responds to one of the greatest challenges for EV drivers: sufficient access to street parking at charging stations in densely populated cities. Implementing this specialized infrastructure future-proofs cities and boosts the local economy, as drivers shop while their EV charges.

“Expanded urban charging station installation is a key step to support the fast-growing adoption of electric vehicles in Canada,” said Louis Tremblay, President and CEO of FLO and AddEnergie.

Natural Resources Canada contributed $6.7 million to this initiative.

Through the project, FLO will be implementing 100 new urban charging station spaces. Participating cities include:

– London, Ontario

– Kitchener, Ontario

– Waterloo, Ontario

– Cambridge, Ontario

– Edmonton, Alberta

– Vancouver, British Columbia

– Surrey, British Columbia

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