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The all-new Audi A8 boasts an advanced camera-linked adaptive suspension.

The all-new A8, which made its world debut at the first ever Audi Summit on July 11 in Barcelona, Spain boasts numerous advanced technologies, including an active suspension that uses camera technology linked to individual electric motors at each wheel in order to adapt to changes in the road surface ahead.

Even before the car reaches a bump in the road, the preview function transmits the right amount of travel to the actuators and actively controls the suspension.

In this way the suspension reacts precisely at the right time, virtually completely eliminating any vibrations and jolts. This complex process takes just a few milliseconds, with the camera generating information about the road surface condition 18 times a second.

The active suspension also contributes to overall safety since the sensors detect the risk of a collision around the car. In the event of an imminent side impact, for instance, the suspension actuators raise the body on the exposed side by up to 80 mm within half a second. As a result, the collision is directed more to the stronger areas of the vehicle, such as side sills and floor structure.

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