$11.5 Million for Technological Development

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As part of the Automotive Supplier Innovation Program, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Navdeep Bains, announced the attribution of $11.5 million to six companies for the development of technologies that will contribute to improving tomorrow’s vehicles.

Six projects dedicated to the development of passenger vehicle technology that increases fuel economy and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases will receive financing, leading to the creation of 80 jobs in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.

Ontario company Datec Coating Corporation, which supplies heating solutions to the automotive sector, will receive $1.3 million to develop technologies that improve heating management systems for vehicle cabins, lithium-ion batteries and engine coolants.

Advanced Technology Emission Solutions, located in Hamilton, will receive $ 272,000 to develop a catalytic converter designed to reduce tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions.

Windsor-based Tyromer, which uses recycled scrap rubber to seal car windows and doors, will receive $3.4 million.

Eurospec Manufacturing, located in Newmarket, will receive a $1.7 million grant to develop a vehicle seat recliner mechanism.

Burnaby B.C company Loop Energy, was awarded a $787,000 grant to develop a hydrogen cell which generates increased output.

Finally, Hydro-Quebec affiliate TM4, based in Boucherville, will receive up to $4 million to develop an affordable high-output light-duty truck motor.

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