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Hyundai tests the mettle of their metal. 

Hyundai has put their SuperStructure to an innovative test. Made with 53% “Advanced High Strength Steel,” the metal frame, which makes up the core of the Elantra (as well as other vehicles in the company’s line-up), was put to the ultimate rigidity stress test by stacking 12.6 metric tonnes (27,780 lbs.) of cars on top of an Elantra.

“We’ve been communicating the concept of the SuperStructure for over a year now, so we felt it was time to put the frame to the ultimate test and really showcase the capabilities of what lies beneath the sheet metal of Hyundai vehicles,” said Lawrence Hamilton, Director of Marketing at Hyundai Auto Canada. “It’s one thing to say in marketing campaigns that the Elantra has a rigid and strong SuperStructure, it’s entirely another to stack seven full cars on top of a bare frame to demonstrate how rigid the passenger cabin is.”

Hyundai developed the SuperStructure utilizing proprietary Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) and the application of structural adhesives to improve the rigidity of the frame.

The company says their SuperStructure helps reduce noise and improve driving dynamics. It also improves safety with better collision energy management without adding undue weight, which helps keep fuel consumption low and deliver better driving feel.

“The Hyundai brand and its vehicles have scored exceptionally well in safety, quality, and dependability studies conducted by third parties,” Hamilton added. “The SuperStructure test is a way for us to communicate these attributes in a very dramatic way.”


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