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Over 60 percent will not stay off the roads in bad conditions.

According to a recent survey published by the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA), the majority of that province’s drivers “admit to being the worst winter drivers in the nation.”

Almost one in three (32%) B.C. motorists say there’s no need for them to prepare for winter driving because they consider themselves to be a good driver. One third (31%) say they won’t prepare until it actually snows, while one third (31%) don’t believe B.C. is in store for a bad winter.

Almost two thirds (64%) claim they are experienced but nervous winter drivers and almost half (45%) say they’re experienced drivers but bad at driving in winter conditions.

In addition, 47% say they’re nervous about driving in snow but drive anyway, while one third admit to “freaking out a bit” when having to drive in snow.

“Call it overconfidence or denial but, based on our data and in my experience, too many British Columbians, especially in the Lower Mainland, don’t think about winter driving until it’s too late,” said Stu Miller, BCAA senior manager of automotive operations.

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