Mercedes-Benz Partners With The MICHELIN Guide to Offer ‘A Taste of the Future’

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The Mercedes-AMG EQS Sedan is pictured outside of MICHELIN-Starred and MICHELIN Green Star-awarded restaurant FRILU at the inaugural A Taste of the Future dining event. Photo Mercedes-Benz Canada

Canadian culinary talent shines with the stars in a new dining series created by Mercedes-Benz and The MICHELIN Guide.

The dining series, A Taste of the Future, pairs chefs from Canadian MICHELIN-Starred restaurants with emerging Canadian culinary talent to create menus inspired by three key themes that are driving the future of automotive excellence at Mercedes-Benz: technology, aesthetics, and sustainability. The dining series was inspired by the relationship between tradition and innovation that exists in both culinary arts as well as automotive engineering.

“From the first Motorwagen all the way through to today’s all-electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has always been fuelled by a pioneering spirit. In partnership with The MICHELIN Guide, we are working with chefs who share that spirit and who are channelling it to create unique, unforgettable dining experiences,” says Andreas Tetzloff, CEO, Mercedes-Benz Canada. “Luxury customers trust the star as a symbol of excellence, whether it is a restaurant’s MICHELIN Star or the iconic three-pointed star on a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.”

“The MICHELIN Guide has long celebrated culinary innovation and excellence. The stars truly aligned for our partnership with Mercedes-Benz. The brand’s values of quality, creativity, and innovation echo the characteristics of MICHELIN-Starred restaurants and the chefs that drive them,” says Cara Cornelius, Vice President of Food and Travel Experiences for MICHELIN Americas.

The inaugural event featured a collaboration between MICHELIN-Starred restaurant, FRILU and emerging culinary force Down Home. Pictured (L-R) Executive Chef and Owner of FRILU, John-Vincent Troiano, Co-founders of Down Home, Chef Joel Gray and Hannah Harradine. Photo Mercedes-Benz Canada

Serving up innovative collaborations with esteemed and emerging Canadian chefs

Mercedes-Benz kicked off A Taste of the Future at Toronto’s FRILU restaurant, the only restaurant in Canada to hold both a MICHELIN Star in recognition of its culinary excellence and a MICHELIN Green Star in recognition of its sustainable practices. The event was also a collaboration between FRILU’s Executive Chef John-Vincent Troiano, and emerging culinary talents Chef Joel Gray and Hannah Harradine, Co-founders of Down Home—a farm-to-table restaurant in Grey County, Ontario, that celebrates sustainable farming, foraging, and production practices, and uses collaborative tasting menus to tell the stories of local farmers and producers.

“I loved the unique challenge of collaborating with other Canadian culinary talent to craft a menu inspired by the key themes that are driving the future of Mercedes-Benz. The iconic brand, especially its luxurious electric vehicles, has been a rich source of inspiration,” says John-Vincent Troiano, Executive Chef and Owner, FRILU.

“We’re immensely grateful to Mercedes-Benz for shining a light on our dedication to sustainable fine dining,” says Hannah Harradine, Co-founder of Down Home. “Our collaboration with Chef Troiano and the FRILU team was strengthened by our shared drive to innovate while maintaining standards of excellence—something we share with Mercedes-Benz, as well.”

The result of the collaboration was a delectable, multi-course tasting menu that used local ingredients to create dishes inspired by Mercedes-Benz and its luxurious electric vehicles. For example, Chef Troiano’s ‘Land, Sea, and Air’ course featured ingredients representing each point of the iconic Mercedes-Benz Star. This three-pointed star began as a statement of intent, and today reflects the brand’s environmental focus and sustainable business practices. Guests also enjoyed transportation to and from the event in technologically advanced, luxurious, electric vehicles including the EQB 350 SUV, EQE 350 SUV, EQS 580 SUV, EQS 580 Sedan, and AMG EQS Sedan.

Chef John-Vincent Troiano of FRILU and Chef Joel Gray of Down Home collaborate on a dish featured at the inaugural A Taste of the Future dining event, presented by Mercedes-Benz in partnership with The MICHELIN Guide. Photo Mercedes-Benz Canada

A Taste of the Future continues in Vancouver & Montreal

The A Taste of the Future dining series will continue this spring with stops in Vancouver and Montreal. J-C Poirier, Executive Chef at MICHELIN-Starred St. Lawrence in Vancouver will collaborate with emerging culinary talent, Chef Simon Mathys of Mastard in Montreal. The pair will create exclusive menus building on their innovative approaches to Quebecois and French cuisine with inspiration from technology, aesthetics, and sustainability—the key themes that are driving the future of automotive excellence at Mercedes-Benz.

With this dining series, Mercedes-Benz continues its commitment to celebrating emerging Canadian culinary talent. The relationship between Mercedes-Benz and The MICHELIN Guide began in late 2023 when Mercedes-Benz presented the MICHELIN Young Chef Award at The MICHELIN Guide Ceremonies in Toronto and Vancouver. The MICHELIN Young Chef Award recognizes emerging talent that consistently demonstrates culinary innovation. In 2023, the winners were David Schwartz of Toronto’s Sunnys Chinese and Warren Chowof Vancouver’s Wildlight Kitchen + Bar.

“Mercedes-Benz and MICHELIN have both built their legacies on a commitment to innovation. It’s this commitment paired with strong visions for a more sustainable tomorrow that are driving these iconic brands into the future,” says Tetzloff. “These dining experiences reflect our dedication to sustainability while creating special moments that are uniquely Mercedes-Benz–from having our guests arrive at the event in electric vehicles crafted by Mercedes-Benz, to each unforgettable dish.”

Canadians can learn more about A Taste of the Future by visiting mercedes-benz.ca/atasteofthefuture, and by signing up for news about Mercedes-Benz and the world of Mercedes-Benz luxury.



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