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John Scotti. Photo John Scotti Lamborghini Montreal

John Scotti Automotive, the country’s uncontested leader in luxury automobiles, celebrates its 50th anniversary in business.

After five decades of growth, innovation and success, founder John Scotti has carved out a unique place for himself as an entrepreneur and builder of the automotive industry.

As owner of Lamborghini Montreal, the largest and one of the most respected dealerships in the world for the Italian marque, John Scotti looks back with pride on his career and his company’s position.

John was 16 years old when he obtained his class 1 mechanic certification, making him the youngest person to obtain this accreditation from the Comité Paritaire de l’Automobile de Montréal. “When I opened my first garage in 1975, I had no idea we’d be here fifty years later. I’ve always shied away from the spotlight, but after starting from scratch and building a successful business, I wanted to turn the spotlight on my team and our achievements,” he says. John Scotti Automotive grew to include major brands such as Lamborghini, Lotus, Jaguar, Mitsubishi, Land Rover, Subaru, Alfa Romeo, and Volvo.

High praise from clients

John Scotti has earned high praise from clients and Lamborghini management. According to Andrea Baldi, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini America: “John Scotti is a key player in our dealer network in Canada. He has always taken the brand’s success to heart, and we wish to recognize with this anniversary his passion, partnership and devotion to Automobili Lamborghini. His personal Lamborghini collection is breathtaking and among the best in North America. We congratulate John for all his achievements.”

John Scotti Automotive’s 50th anniversary will be celebrated in style this year. Not only is the dealership about to sell its 1,000th Lamborghini but a new state-of-the-art facility will also be inaugurated in the coming months.

Details of the celebrations surrounding this important company milestone will be announced shortly.

An industry icon

John Scotti arrived in Canada in the late 1950s at the age of two, and his story goes far beyond his car dealerships and impressive collection of luxury vehicles: it’s about a warm-hearted, hard-working man with a passion for motorsports.

Over the years, he has actively given back to his community through numerous charitable events. These include the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Canada’s annual Drive for Smiles classic, for which he helps create unique experiences for sick children and their families through his luxury cars.

He also founded the Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame, which recognizes and honours the significant contributions of individuals who have played a major role in drag racing in Canada.


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