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GLOBALHalo Offers Dealers Real-Time GPS. PHOTO GLOBALHalo

RSR Global, an F&I solutions provider – has announced their partnership with Solutions Into Motion (SIM), the operators of Trackem and WhereSafe GPS brands, to offer a real-time GPS solution to its network of Canadian auto dealers.

The auto dealer-specific, GPS offering is being called GLOBALHalo.


The two companies collaborated and developed a model that will work for dealers in terms of P&L.

“We’ve been playing in the location-based space for a while now and after significant research, testing and vetting, are happy to have formalized a partnership with SIM, who is an established provider of world-class GPS tracking solutions,” says Amanda Paetkau, Vice President of Strategy & Innovation.

“Given our intimate knowledge of the dealer world, we knew we’d really have to sharpen our pencils to put together a GPS package attractive to dealers from a margin perspective. We’ve done just that.”


GLOBALHalo is a GPS tracking offering for dealers to resell to consumers.

GLOBALHalo includes a portable magnetic, rechargeable or hardwired GPS tracker, with mobile phone app access to monitor vehicle location.

The GLOBALHalo subscription includes all cellular data required for two in-motion ‘pings’ per day and in-app mapping.

Notifications and alarms, via text message or email, are available in the system, if the device is tampered with or if the battery gets low.


End users have the ability, at any time, to upgrade the plan to use more features.

Consumers can upgrade to enjoy more GPS functions, such as geofences, speed alerts, motion detection, and two-minute ping intervals for true real-time instant tracking.


GLOBALHalo will be sold and fulfilled by RSR Global to auto dealers across Canada.

The GLOBALHalo GPS technical hardware and/or application support will be handled by Solutions Into Motion’s live answer Canadian-based customer service team.


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