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The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) has released the findings of a national survey on dealership human resource needs and hiring projections.

The results reveal a widespread need for skilled workers who can fill a variety of positions from service technicians to management and IT positions.

Of those dealers surveyed, 99.5 percent plan on hiring at least one, and up to six people, while 44.7 percent plan on hiring at least six, and up to 20 people within the next 12 months. Additionally, nearly five percent plan on filling over 20 positions over the next year at their dealership.

CADA conducted a survey with automotive dealers nationwide as part of its Auto Career Start program, AutoCareerStart.com, which aims to promote auto dealership career opportunities across Canada, basing its marketing activities on dealer data and ongoing feedback.

“The survey reveals what we have been hearing anecdotally: that dealers across Canada will need to fill a variety of positions over the next several years, and in some cases, the need is already critical,” said CADA Marketing Specialist Astrid Mauger.

The survey showed that 83.7 percent of dealers will be looking to hire service technicians, while 70.5 percent said they will be hiring for sales and leasing positions.

Dealers also indicated needing to fill a variety of other positions, including those related to: management, parts and service, administration, accounting, marketing, IT, finance, human resources, and detailing.

“Dealers across Canada are actively looking to hire and will be continuing to hire in large numbers in the foreseeable future,” said Mauger. “Our message is clear: whether you are a recent graduate or have previous work experience, consider applying for a position at an auto dealership—a workplace which offers stable, well-paying jobs and in need of fresh talent to meet its growing business opportunities.”

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