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During a live demonstration at the Automotive Conference and Exposition (ACE) in Niagara Falls, Ont. on April 11—an event hosted by the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association (TADA) and Consolidated Dealers—Bruce Croxon, former investor on CBC’s The Dragon’s Den, current Host of BNN’s The Disruptors and Managing Partner at Round13 Capital, introduced AutoLife.ca.

This new portal is an innovative automotive lifestyle website providing consumers with a personalized journey and a central source for all things in their auto life. Autolife.ca is designed to provide consumers with a lifestyle community and resource with an experience that connects users to tools, information and entertainment about automobiles. The site offers customizable options to give users content that is highly personalized to their preferences.

“The marketplace is ever-evolving and is increasingly being disrupted by technology platforms that separate organizations from their customers,” said Bruce Croxon. “Autolife.ca is an advanced and highly adaptable platform that puts the consumer first by giving them a community and an experience in a whole new way.”

Autolife.ca is about Canadian consumers and exploring the emotional connection with their automobiles.  From first time buyers, to enthusiasts, owners, renters, or those looking to research vehicle reviews, insurance costs, or interesting Canadian drive routes, Autolife.ca  will adapt to the user’s needs and deliver all in one place.

“Automobiles are an integral part of our culture and have transformed the way we live,” said Croxon. “Autolife is an innovation unlike any other that allows the consumer an experience not just a transaction.”

The mission of Autolife.ca is to provide Canadians with better access, better information and better choices.  Simplifying the lives of people who appreciate the mobility, freedom and lifestyle that automobiles provide.

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