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Toyota is set to unveil an all-new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV), the Fine-Comfort Ride, at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, which is currently taking place from October 25th to November 4th.  The vehicle, which is a new type of premium sedan, uses hydrogen to power its electrical energy source to obtain outstanding zero CO2 emission performance and an extended 1000 km range.

Fine-Comfort Ride Characteristics

  • Wider interior offering additional space for second-row seating and improved aerodynamics.
  • Exclusive EV layout with four in-wheel motors positioned at vehicle extremities, body underside cover for maximal running stability and quietness.
  • Cabin offering “enveloping” cozy atmosphere, pivoting seats for increased access and convenience.
  • 45 metre wheelbase, 4.83 metre overall length
  • Room for six passengers.

The Fine-Comfort Ride features an autonomous-driving system.

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