Canadian Students Tackle Autonomous Vehicles

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AutoDrive Challenge hopes to put an autonomous vehicle onto public roads within three years.

The University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo are finalists among eight North American universities who will compete in the upcoming autonomous vehicle design competition, AutoDrive Challenge.

The goal of this three-year challenge is to develop and demonstrate a full autonomous driving passenger vehicle.

“Congratulations to the Universities of Toronto and Waterloo on this wonderful achievement, we are very excited to work closely with them over the next three years,” said Brain Tossan, Director, Canadian Technical Centre, GM Canada. “We are proud to support SAE International and initiatives such as the AutoDrive Challenge; as we look to grow our Canadian engineering base over the next few years, these student competitions are a great source of talent for us.”

GM will provide each team a Chevrolet Bolt EV as the vehicle platform, while project partners and suppliers will aid the students in their technology development by providing vehicle parts and software.

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