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Color Compass has announced that a Car-O-Liner Advanced measuring and fixturing training was hosted in Coquitlam in mid-December 2019 by Color Compass Collision Equipment Specialist Sean Skoropat; Blaine Fraser, Skoropat’s counterpart in Alberta; and Kelly Logan, Director of Training, Car-O-Liner USA.

Classroom training, as well as practical application using the Car-O-Liner Vision 3D measuring system, were included in the nearly week-long training session.

During the practical session, the focus was on the proper application of the measurement results to ensure that the proper fixture of the vehicle for repair. To demonstrate this application, the trainers located the multipoint anchoring and placed rails or other components into the appropriate position using the measuring system. The reattachment was done as per the OEM repair plans. Exact placement is needed for the onboard safety systems, radar, cameras, lane departure sensors (ADAS SYSTEMS) to ensure that they are working as they should even after repair. The primary purpose of the practical session, therefore, was to aid technicians in achieving the precise alignment required.

At the end of the week, on Saturday, a daylong customer training session was held. The very same training was provided by Skoropat, Fraser and Logan to collision repair technicians from Open Road Richmond Autobody. The trainers offered a combination of classroom training and practical application using the Vision 3D measuring system, similar to the internal session.

Sean Skoropat commented on how successful the customer training was, “We concluded the formal portion of the session at 3pm, however, we were surprised to see that on a Saturday, most attendees stayed late to use the Point X diagnostic tool and revisit the measuring system advanced features.”

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