KYB Launches Road Testing App; Updates Website

KYB has announced the release of its new road testing app. The company has also updated its website

According to a statement released by the company, it wishes to achieve three objectives with the use of modern technology. Its first objective is to ensure that service professionals are trained on the method of determining whether shocks need to be replaced or not. The second objective is to inform consumers better regarding the condition of their vehicles. And the third is to aid the consumer in choosing the replacement shock that is most suited to their requirements.

KYB explains in a release that service shops are not able to sell enough shocks and struts because technicians do not have a good way to rate their wear and service advisors are not equipped with enough information and facts to sell the parts confidently. Therefore, the company has created the KYB Road Testing App to enable service shops to begin discussing shocks and struts with their customers. Besides addressing the aforementioned issues, the app is equipped with the ability to send Vehicle Condition Reports straight to the customer’s phone or email address. To avail of these benefits, shops can simply download the KYB Road Testing App free of cost either on their Android or Apple devices.

KYB also notes that the customers of today research auto parts online before purchasing an item. Keeping this in mind, the company has updated its website and made it more consumer-friendly to ensure that the customers are able to make good, informed decisions. Some of the features present on the site are new videos, simple graphic icons that describe the purpose of each product, electronic catalogues by product category, and 360-degree product images.

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