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Why Is Making a Change So Difficult?

Life and business are always changing. In spite of this, as humans we always resist change. I am sure all of you have tried to bring…

Using Labour Guides

A very useful tool for calculating how long a job takes and what to charge for it. A service advisor creates a customer estimate using a labour…

Call the Play

I don’t take much time to watch sports. But when I do watch a sporting event on TV, I tend to focus on the coaching. As…

Profitability: We Know We Do Good Work!

Are you paid for quality repairs? A few months ago, I was invited by several clients to join a Facebook group of shop owners. The discussions…

Managing Expectations

When many of you first went into business, you were the only employee. As we all know, the minute you add a second person to a…

Do Your Job, Not Your Employee’s Job

When Columbus was exploring the oceans for new worlds, most people believed the world was flat. If you sailed too far, it was thought that you…

Is All Your Time Billed?: Tick Tock

AIA Canada reported that in 2015, the average billed time per technician in the independent automotive sector was 4.4 hours of an eight hour day.  This…


Belvedere Nissan Ste-Agathe
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Parts clerk
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Groupe AutoForce
Bodyshop Manager
  Full time
Montréal Mitsubishi
Follow up & appointment Clerk
  Full time
Montréal Mitsubishi
Sales Team Coach ("DESK")
  Full time

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