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Training for a New Reality

Canada’s auto industry is changing, requiring new ways for us to hire and train our skilled tradespeople. This year, the federal government announced that all new…

Are You Protected?

Understanding commercial insurance policies for your business. There are many aspects to running a successful automotive repair business. Beyond training, staffing, equipment investments, marketing your services…
Diane freeman AARO president portrait

Right to Repair

Will what’s happening in the U.S. affect us here in Canada? The Massachusetts Right to Repair Initiative, also known as Question 1, appeared on the Massachusetts…
Diane freeman AARO president portrait

Modernizing Ontario Vehicle Inspections

New program aims to simplify test procedures and provide better transparency. The Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) is proposing to modernize vehicle inspections by replacing the…
Diane freeman AARO president portrait

Preparing and Planning for Winter

As the seasons start to change, service providers need to plan for the colder months ahead. Canadians are adapting to many changes in the automotive aftermarket…
Diane freeman AARO president portrait

EV Servicing by Diane Freeman

The demand for cleaner vehicles is clearly growing among consumers. You don’t have to look very far to see that manufacturers are offering more Electric Vehicles…
Diane freeman AARO president portrait

Separation Season by Diane Freeman

Proper torquing prevents lug damage and ‘flying’ tires. With Spring now well and truly upon us, the aftermarket is entering one of its busiest times of the year.…
Diane freeman AARO president portrait

Open Communication by Diane Freeman

We all know someone who brings their vehicle into the shop after hearing many stories about repairs that have cost too much…or so they think. Our…
Diane freeman AARO president portrait

Keeping Up With Technology by Diane Freeman

It’s not just about what’s under the hood. The automotive aftermarket has always tried to stay current with the changes in technology. Today, technology is advancing…
Diane freeman AARO president portrait

AARO: A Fair Solution by Diane Freeman

Ensuring aftermarket service providers have access to repair information provides benefits for the entire auto sector. The aftermarket has an agreement with the automakers here in…

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