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You can grow your tire business by educating your customers about tire safety.

You might think that marketing is all about promoting your store and your tires, but that’s just the start. Your marketing should also include educating your customers, especially when it comes to safety.

Those tires are the four contact patches between their vehicle and the road, and as a responsible tire retailer you should be reminding them how to keep them in good condition.

For example, the importance of doing tire rotation, maintaining proper air pressure, even reading the owner’s manual. Most consumers don’t think about their tires until something goes wrong. Nobody wants that to happen as it could come with a very unhappy ending.

When I had a shop, I’d go on a morning talk show every week and talk about the importance of tire rotations, oil changes and would offer a free air pressure gauge, as well as checking tire pressure for free. Wouldn’t you know, I’d get 20 or 30 moms coming in after they’d dropped off their kids at school. I got a lot of business out of that.

Reliable resources
There’s plenty of good, reliable resources you can put to work for you. The Tire Industry Association has videos on YouTube that talk extensively about proper tire inflation—where to find the correct air pressure for your vehicle, even animations that show what goes on inside. Another shows how consumers can check their tires for wear, how to measure tread depth, and make sure tires are in the best possible condition.

And of course, there’s information about winter tires. With the winter season around the corner, consumers can use information about how to choose the winter tire that’s right for their needs and vehicle. It’s all about traction, and stopping distance, right?

In some jurisdictions, like Quebec and parts of British Columbia, winter tires are mandatory. You can remind your customers that they need to get their winters on by a certain date. In other parts of Canada, insurance companies offer a discount for having winter tires. Again, it’s time sensitive, so you can do a quick campaign to remind customers of the dates. In Manitoba, some motorists can even qualify for financing of their winter tires! Why not let your customers know, and help them find out how to qualify?

Owner’s manual
Providing your customers with the information they need to keep their tires safe works in many ways—it not only promotes your expertise and helps build your reputation as a trusted resource, but it also shows that you care about your clientele. There’s no putting a price Safety Sells! on that! It will build trust and go a long way to developing a good rapport with your customer base.

Think about talking to them about the information in their owner’s manual. There’s a whole section in there about tires. For example, it will explain the importance of TPMS and explain what the various lights mean. Do consumers understand the difference between a flashing TPMS light and one that stays on? There’s also a video from the Tire Industry Association that goes into some depth about TPMS.

Often, consumers will jump on the Internet to source information about tires, and have no way of knowing if that is valid or applies to their situation. Do your customers a favour by including safety information with your marketing campaigns, and you’ll find yourself rewarded in many, many ways.

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