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TBC Brands has announced the release of a new agricultural tire—the Akuret Implement I-1.

As stated by the company, the tire has been designed as a useful durable option that will aid in accomplishing all necessary tasks.

The tire contains a multi-rib tread design and features a wide footprint that enables it to deliver suitable tracking, steering and floatation. As explained by the company, the tire has been created to decrease tire deflection and offer the necessary rolling resistance. Users can utilize the Akuret Implement I-1 longer since the tubeless tire is engineered for even wear.

“TBC Brands is excited to launch the Akuret Implement I-1 to our dealer partner network,” says Bill Dashiell, Senior Vice President of the Commercial Tire Division for TBC Brands. “This tire was designed with excellent flotation capabilities to carry heavy loads and prevent compaction issues all while offering our customers and end users an enhanced value.”

The following three sizes of the Akuret I-1 are currently available:

  • 5L-15 D
  • 11L-15 D
  • 11L-15 F

A five-year warranty coverage for workmanship and materials is offered on Akuret agricultural tires. They are replaced free of cost within the first 12 months of the purchase with 10% or less of the original tread depth used in case it is unserviceable because of defective design, workmanship or material. The company also offers a prorated allowance to users in case the no-charge period lapses or the tread use is more than the stipulated limit. This is provided on the basis of the manufacturing date and amount of tire usage post-installation.


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