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Yokohama Tire has announced the release of its new all-season touring tire—the AVID Ascend LX.

Designed to fit passenger cars, minivans and crossovers, Yokohama is now offering the tire in 39 T-, H- and V-rated sizes ranging from 15 inches to 18 inches. The tire, in all its sizes and speed ratings, is covered by the company’s 85,000-mile tread life warranty.

Yokohama states that the Ascend LX delivers excellent wet traction and dependable winter traction. It is designed to offer a longer treadlife, as well as deliver a quiet, comfortable ride.

“The Ascend LX rounds out our AVID line and is the most complete touring tire available today,” says Bob Abram, Senior Manager of Consumer Product Planning at Yokohama. “It gives people what they want: exceptional all-season traction and comfort backed by an amazing mileage warranty.”

As explained by Yokohama, the Ascend LX tire has the following features and benefits:

  • The tire features a new, advanced L-2 compound containing a specific polymer blend designed to give it better wear resistance and resulting in a long tread life. To minimize uneven wear, the tire sports a wide, flat contour that aids in evenly distributing pressure with a large footprint.
  • Four wide circumferential grooves, as well as the lateral grooves of the tire, aid in removing water and enhancing resistance to hydroplaning, thus helping the tire provide better wet traction.
  • The tire is equipped with wavy 3D sipes on the shoulder and notches in the intermediate ribs to aid in delivering dependable winter traction. The sipes and notches provide effective edges that enable the tire to grip roads better in wintery conditions.
  • As per Yokohama, the tire features an offset tread design staggered in a five-block sequence which cuts down pattern and road noise, resulting in a quiet ride.
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