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Sumitomo Rubber Industries has announced that the company is supplying its “high-performance” DUNLOP SP SPORT MAXX GT600 DSST CTT tun-flat tires for the 2020 NISSAN GT-R model which was released to the market in June this year.

According to Sumitomo, it has created its DUNLOP SP SPORT MAXX GT600 DSST CTT tire line as a suitable option for super sportscars like the NISSAN GT-R with the intention to aid such vehicles to tap their complete performance potential. In a release by the company, Sumitomo explains that the tire has been fitted as factory standard tires on every version of the GT-R since the 2011 model, playing an important supportive role in the evolution of the car series. The tire features run-flat tire technology and is designed to deliver sporty handling performance.

Sumitomo explains that a run-flat tire can continue running at a specified speed up to a certain distance even when the tire is flat, i.e., its internal air pressure is zero. The company adds that the tires not only increase safety but also aid in saving resources and eliminate the need for spare tires.

Sumitomo has designed the DUNLOP tires fitted on to the 2020 NISSAN GT-R and the NISSAN GT-R 50th anniversary models for better traction at all speeds, as well as a stable and comfortable driving experience. Furthermore, the DUNLOP tires that have been designed specifically for NISSAN’s GT-R NISMO 2020 is aimed at delivering better cornering performance. The tire contains Sumitomo’s proprietary High-Grip Rubber and a new front tire tread pattern that have been included to increase road contact surface area when driving.

Following sizes of the tire are being fitted onto the cars: front—255/40ZRF20 101Y and rear—285/35ZRF20 104Y.

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