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Hoffman, a Snap-on brand, has announced the latest addition to its imaging alignment product line—new Hoffman geoliner 678 Wheel Alignment System.

“Advanced technology, combined with intuitive software, gives any alignment technician the tools they need for an easy and fast alignment,” says Adam Brown, Director of Product Management for Hofmann. “The Hofmann geoliner 678 has all that and more. It is easy to use and provides complete and accurate alignment readings quickly and efficiently.”

According to the company, the geoliner 678 enables shops to do more alignments in a day since this simple to navigate aligners completes the entire alignment process efficiently with minimal steps.

The alignment machine is equipped with the following features:

  • Time spent by technicians at the console can be reduced with the automatic tracking feature which follows the vehicle every time it is raised or lowered.
  • To minimize wait time and allow for fast compensation, the machine contains the video-speed camera feature.
  • Live readings are available, thus eliminating the need to re-measure.

Hoffman also explains in a release that the new product is equipped with intelligent software tools such as EZ-TOE for electric power steering. This software allows for level steering with each alignment since it is possible to adjust the critical front individual toe without locking the steering column. There are several other software features present in the new product, such as rolling radius to identify mismatched tire sizes, cross diagonal to look for structural damage in the vehicle and adjustment assistance that informs technicians where they need to make adjustments on the vehicle.

Additionally, with the geoliner 678, technicians will be able to look-up vehicle specifications and OEM repair procedures for ADAS repairs when the equipment is connected to the internet. Software and vehicle specifications also get updated quickly and easily when connected. The company explains that shop efficiency and quality of customer service can be improved as the product’s online report management capability allows technicians to quickly print, email or text alignment reports from anywhere in the shop.

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