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Michelin launched its airless radial tires for skid steers—the X TWEEL SSL 2 AT and HST 12N16.5 tires—at the Ag in Motion trade show in Saskatchewan this July.

Both the all-terrain (AT) and hard-surface (HST) versions have been available in Canada and the U.S. since August 1. According to the company, this is Michelin’s first embedded 8-bolt hub that is interlocked mechanically for better durability.

An internal drum endurance test comparing the MICHELIN X Tweel SSL and the MICHELIN X Tweel SSL 2 has shown that the shear beam construction on the latest version is better and helps maximize core life. Additionally, a third-party test comparing the crack growth rate of the SSL and SSL 2 tires show that the new spoke formulation on the current version improves spoke life by 10 times. The TWEEL SSL 2 tire can withstand a load of up to 4,400 pounds (1995 kg).

According to Michelin, the advantages of using TWEEL are—”no maintenance, no compromise and no downtime”. Since the tire requires no air removing the risk of getting a flat tire, the X TWEEL SSL is designed to enable users stay in operation longer with lower downtime for higher profitability. Michelin explains that the tire has been engineered for easy mounting and damage resistance. Additionally, it provides comfort to the vehicle operator and reduces fatigue. The company notes that the tire aids in higher productivity and longer wear life when compared with other standard pneumatic tires.

The 12N16.5 X TWEEL SSL HST 2 features a 48/32nd-inch tread depth with 8/32nd-inch of undertread. The 12N16.5 X TWEEL SSL AT 2 contains a 31/32nd-inch tread depth with 12/32nd-inch of undertread. The overall cost of ownership can be decreased as it is possible to retread the outer core tread multiple times. Michelin is offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee coverage for both products.

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