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Yokohama Tire has announced the addition of its new ADVAN Apex tire to its ultra-high performance (UHP) product line.

This Y-rated tire has been designed by the company, especially for the North American market. The company is planning to launch it in 44 sizes, ranging from 17 to 20-inch fitments and will officially be available from August 1. Yokohama is also offering coverage for the Apex with its 25,000-mile limited tread warranty on staggered fitments.

The company has developed this tire keeping in line with the legacy of its other UHP tires, including the A008, AVS Intermediate, AVS Sport and ADVAN Sport V105. Yokohama’s new tire has been designed to deliver improved wet and dry performance while simultaneously offering a refined experience to owners of a wide array of sports cars, high-end performance vehicles and American muscle cars.

“The ADVAN Apex is the latest chapter in Yokohama’s storied history,” says Duane Sampson, Yokohama Product Marketing Manager. “It’s engineered for performance-driven enthusiasts who truly enjoy the drive.”

According to Yokohama, the Apex has the following benefits:

  • Maximum grip: For maximum cornering performance, the tire is equipped with high-grade micro silica in a wide outside rib block that does not have lateral grooves. This allows for better contact with the road surface. Wet performance is improved by its three inside grooves. On the other hand, wet performance has been addressed by including a narrow outside groove that dissipates heat generated by high lateral loads.
  • Precision handling: The tire contains an uninterrupted centre rib to increase high speed stability.
  • Extended tread life: Yokohama has added a micro-silica compound, besides providing a rounded ribs profile with the aim to decrease uneven wear by optimizing its contact pressure with the road.
  • Quiet ride: Road noise is reduced with the tire’s optimized groove angles, making for a more comfortable, quiet ride, according to the company.
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