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John Bean, a Snap-on brand, has recently announced the release of its new V2380 Wheel Alignment System.

In a release by John Bean, Adam Brown, Product Manager of the company, says that finding a way around any alignment problem has become easier for technicians with the new equipment.

“The new John Bean V2380 is a versatile aligner that features the latest XD target and camera system, while at the same time, offering the most intuitive, easy-to-operate, industry-leading software that John Bean has ever provided on an aligner,” explains Brown. “Shops that utilize the new V2380 will move their alignment business in a new, positive direction.”

According to the company, shops do not require extensive training or experience to operate the John Bean V2380 Wheel Alignment System since it is an advanced imaging system. The equipment comes with the following features:

  • John Bean has designed its touchless AC400 wheel clamping system in a way that it makes no contact with the wheel. A single fast-action knob assists with the clamping. According to the company, this fast and easy to use equipment does not require any clamping accessories to accommodate a range of tire sizes. As opposed to previous models, the XD targets are lighter and less space-consuming.
  • Hard-to-reach adjustments are made easier with the V2380’s wheels-off mode.
  • It is designed to maximize profitability with integrated, fast audit check.
  • Workflow at shops can be streamlined for increased productivity with the V2380’s new user interface. Additionally, alignment repair information is now available with just one click.

High-resolution cameras added to the John Bean V2380 are able to capture and produce accurate, live alignment readings and diagnostic data. When the vehicle is raised, the camera beam automatically follows by tracking the targets. Also, the alignment is monitored by video speed cameras constantly and deliver crucial information so that technicians are able to perform the job correctly.

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