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Yokohama Tire has announced the launch of its new extreme all-terrain tire, the GEOLANDAR X-AT.

Specifically developed for pickup trucks, jeeps and SUVs, the tire is scheduled to be available from July 1. The company has planned 27 sizes as of now, ranging from 15 to 22 inches.

“The GEOLANDAR X-AT delivers it all,” said Bob Abram, Yokohama’s Senior Manager of Product Planning. “It offers ultimate off-road performance without sacrificing any on-road comfort, making it a great performance upgrade for a variety of pick-up trucks and SUVs, no matter how or where they’re driven.”

Abram further added that the X-AT will include load range F sizes for heavier carrying capacities. The company will provide coverage for the tire with its 45,000-mile limited treadwear warranty. Customers will be able to select the look of their choice for the tire as it features a dual sidewall design

“With the GEOLANDAR X-AT, Yokohama now has one of the most complete light truck tire lineups in the market,” said Abram.

The new GEOLANDAR X-AT comes with the following benefits:

  • The tire is equipped with dynamic, large shoulder blocks that are varied in length which helps create a biting edge and promotes mud- and stone-ejection, enabling it to deliver gripping off-road traction. Its angular centre blocks helps in providing extra strength and grip.
  • Yokohama asserts that the tire comes with off-road durability and improved puncture resistance due to its GEO-SHIELD technology. The technology features multiple sidewall plies, a high turn-up carcass and a full nylon cap.
  • The company’s new HD2 compound promises longer tread life. Made of a special triple-polymer blend, the compound has been developed to provide a long tread life as well as better cut- and chip-resistance.
  • The new tire delivers a quiet, comfortable ride with the help of its zig-zag grooves. Interrupting airflow, the grooves limit pattern and road noise.
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