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Kumho Tire Canada recently announced that it has made improvements to its studdable WinterCraft Ice Wi31 tire by increasing the number of spikes on it.

The change has been made for two of the tire’s main sizes. For size 195/65R15 (04L / XLL), the number of spikes has been increased from 150 to 200. Similarly, for size 205/55R16 (04L / XLL) the number of spikes is now 200 instead of the earlier 150.

Kumho Tire has equipped the Wintercraft Ice Wi31 with technological advancements which include reinforcement of snow and wet performance with optimal volume of lateral grooves and better ice performance due to an optimal stud arrangement. The tire sports a high-tech design that helps in reducing vibration and noise to the maximum possible extent. The increase in number of spikes enables the WinterCraft Ice Wi31 to deliver miximized braking and handling in adverse icy and snowy conditions, according to Kumho Tire. The company asserts that the tire stands alone when it comes to providing excellent performance in heavy winter weather.

The WinterCraft Ice Wi31 has the following special features:

  • Its advanced stud design and placement allows it to deliver commendable braking and acceleration on ice.
  • Its 3D honeycomb sipes enhances the tire’s winter grip.
  • The tire is developed for cold traction with a high-dispersion compound.
  • It features a directional tread pattern.
  • A rim protector molded into the sidewall in some of the sizes of the tire. This is to help protect wheels from curb damage.
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