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Pirelli has recently released its story for creating awareness through images of the world of natural rubber in Thailand and Indonesia.

The focus of the photographic story is covering the journey that begins at the rubber tree and ends with the production of a tire. The coverage includes a sojourn into the description of the farmers’ lives and their cultivation and processing techniques, fundamental phases of natural rubber’s production and supply cycle.

By releasing this story, Pirelli intends to create awareness regarding this primary material, share the company’s commitment to the preservation of biodiversity, and support the development of the community and local economy. The company has also launched “Being Fast Takes Time” the digital platform that can be accessed at pirelli.com/naturalrubber for this purpose. Keeping up with its Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy adopted in 2017, Pirelli seeks to provide a better understanding of how precious the natural equilibrium is. The project has taken off due to the continuous multi-stakeholder dialogue conducted by the company to ensure the sustainable and responsible supply of natural rubber along the whole value chain.

Italian photographer and writer Alessandro Scotti’s project “Being fast takes time” documents the process of latex extraction from rubber trees in Indonesia and Malaysia. The black and white photographs pit the connected realities of the slow rhythm of the agricultural process against the fast and complex technological world of industrial production. According to Pirelli, it captures the journey from the white of latex to the black of the tire.

“Pursuing sustainable development means always looking ahead to tomorrow, keeping it clear that economic, environmental and human capital are interdependent and should be managed as such. We have always worked to create enduring value, based on the passion and skill of our people, and this approach is also found in our sustainable natural rubber policy,” says Marco Tronchetti Provera, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of Pirelli.

“We cannot do without natural rubber in the production of tires”, explains Filippo Bettini, Chief Sustainability and Risk Governance Officer of Pirelli, “so it is of fundamental importance to us the processes involved in its cultivation and extraction are carried out in a sustainable way, respecting people and the ecosystem in the key producer countries like Indonesia and Thailand. Only with a responsible approach can we contribute to ensure the future of such a precious raw material and to the local populations that draw their sustenance from rubber”.

The primary focus of this project is on the people involved in the entire chain, including suppliers, employees and local processors.

Since Pirelli does not have its own plantations, it firmly believes in implementing its sustainability strategy through partnerships with its suppliers, centring its Policy around people and the environment. The Policy is founded on the basis of the protection of human rights, health, safety and the wellbeing of all involved in the natural rubber supply chain, respect for the rights of indigenous populations, development of local economies.

Pirelli, in collaboration with tire makers, companies in the automotive sector, international NGOs and natural rubber producers, has helped in founding the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber. The platform aims to unite efforts for the sustainable development of natural rubber at a global level.

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