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Are you losing money on digital marketing?

Would you be shocked to learn that 20% of your money is spent on Google AdWords that bomb?

It’s true! Google recently issued a statement that the automotive industry, and the tire industry especially, are wasting 20% of their money monthly on AdWords that are not effective.

Why is this happening? Shop owners may not be digitally equipped as well as they could be. Unless you educate yourself or bring someone in house to help you, any agency that you hire to do AdWords for you may not be making the best recommendations. They’re just going to follow your marketing plan.

Too many shop owners simply do not have access to their own Google Analytics. That’s because agencies like to keep these close to their chest. That’s not to say agencies are being unprofessional— they’re just trying to protect their interests and make money. Any agency is just trying to match what you’re telling them, but at the same, you need to be analyzing how successful they really are.

Step-by-step explanations

For example, if your website has any calls to action, like a lead to schedule a service appointment or a phone call, you need to be able to analyze the results. So tire shops should have access to their Google Analytics. Anyone who is doing your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is probably also doing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can provide you with the right information.

Alternately, you can go online and Google “how to create a Google Analytics Code.” There are step-by-step explanations on how to do it, such as how-to videos, that are designed to help the most novice techies.

Google Ads are not cheap! Often, shops will do them as a co-op with a brand, but there are other uses for a co-op. You can be growing your brand image through those means if you have a correct and effective SEM.

If you find your AdWords are not effective, you may need to have a tough conversation with your agency. Let them know you’re not getting the results you deserve and ask about other options. Sometimes an agency will set up a geofence, which is anywhere from a 40 to 80 km radius from your location. You can ask them to be more specific, so you can target an area in which you want to grow.

Tough conversations

You need to have these tough conversations because an agency will usually just do what they automatically do for other shops. They can be getting it right the first time, with your input. Any time you spend money, you should be holding them accountable by having the proper information set up. Start the conversation by asking them what they saw, telling them what you saw, and then having an open dialogue.

Make a point of checking your Google Analytics monthly. Ask your agency to link your Google Ads to Google Analytics so that you can have access. It’s much easier than you think, and it can not only save you money, but even make you money!

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