Hunter’s Performance-Driven Tool Brings In More Revenue

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Hunter Engineering has announced that its performance-driven tool has proven to bring in more revenue by reporting alignment machine utilization.

Hunter provides its Push Reports to shops that have its HawkEye Elite alignment machine.

In a release by the company, Hunter asserts that its Push Reports have proven to improve shop productivity and performance by delivering results from Hunter alignment equipment to managers.

Since its releases in 2011, Hunter’s HawkEye Elite has reportedly quickened alignment service. It is able to produce measurements in just 70 seconds and requires only one trip around the vehicle.

Service shops can now utilize their HawkEye Elite better by measuring the number of alignments performed and comparing to daily performance goals with Push Reports.

Managers and owners will be easily able to see shop performance to customized, easy-to-understand reports that are automatically pushed via text or email. They will subsequently be able to ensure optimum utilization of their HawkEye Elite investment.

Push Reports may also be integrated with Hunter inspection equipment. If this is done, it will be able to automatically calculate daily conversion rates for alignment opportunities, as well as the number of open alignment opportunities.

Hunter customer Greenway Automotive Group has provided a testimonial to showcase how Push Reports have reportedly helped double its alignment business: testimonial video.

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