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Make it easy for the customer to find you!

You could be forgiven for not thinking “convenience” is the latest buzz word, but it is.

If you look at Amazon, Target, Best Buy, any retailer, you can access pretty much everything they’ve got on your mobile device. It’s a Google fact that 65 percent of searches that result in purchases now begin on mobile.

Stay up to date

That’s why it’s important that all the information about you on various search engines and platforms is up to date. Your customers are on their mobile devices, looking for tire information, and you want to make sure that when your location comes up, everything is accurate and current.

So start with a simple plan, like checking your hours are correct on various platforms. That means everything from Yelp to Google, Facebook, Yellow Pages, and so on. One easy way is just to Google your name, seeing where your location comes up, and updating it. You should be doing this every three or four months, because new platforms are being developed all the time, from SnapChat to Instagram, and different search engines as well.

Check your reviews, as well. Google and Yelp only notify you about reviews if the page is claimed. If it’s not claimed, you’ll never know what’s there. And you want to know what kind of reputation you have out there.

Speed is king

Also consider speed—Google offers an optimization tool which you can take advantage of to make sure everything is loading correctly. If it’s not, you may be in a situation where customers are being bounced off, and ending up at the competition.

You can even do an in-depth analysis of your website, even your Facebook page. If you haven’t claimed your Facebook page, even if you post on it, that will slow down the speed of it loading, and people won’t stay on it.

In fact, often a business will think it has claimed a Facebook page, when in fact it hasn’t done so through the proper channels. As the owner, you should have full access to your Facebook page. To go through the Facebook security process, you‘ll have to provide identification, and an address. Facebook will send you a postcard in the mail to confirm that you are legitimate.

Transparency and information

Since customers are controlling the buying process now, you need to be transparent. Customers want information, or they’ll just go elsewhere. They can even be sitting in your shop, looking it up, and I can guarantee that they’ll not only find the answer, they’ll find someone who will deliver it and give them what you’re looking for.

You don’t want to make the customer jump through hoops to get answers, like on pricing. Hiding pricing to encourage the customer to come in doesn’t work. If you don’t list the price of a service or product, your competitor will, and the customer will go to them.

Obviously, you may want to offer a range of prices, plus a notation that prices may vary. There are tools out there, often from the manufacturers, that can help determine price points that are competitive. Customers are expecting more these days, and it’s just a matter of harnessing the technology to meet their expectations.

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