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Forgeline offers a choice of hundreds colours as well as thousands of powder coating options.

Forgeline Motorsports is setting itself apart as a “truly customer made-to-order” wheel manufacturer. For instance, the company says they can adjust the offset of their custom wheels to the millimetre up to ten total inches, vs. the half inch offered by other manufacturers. The American-made wheels are produced at Forgeline’s Dayton, Ohio facility.

In addition, via their website, Forgeline offers customers the ability to specially create wheels to fit the requirements of any custom suspension, big brakes or body style modifications.

“At Forgeline, we are able to go beyond any standard customizations offered by other wheel manufacturers to custom manufacture wheels in any offset, diameter, colour or finish,” said Dave Schardt, president of Forgeline Motorsports. “We can do what no other wheel manufacturer can do.”

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