New—Toyo Observe® GSI-6 HP for Canadian Winters

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Now available across Canada, is the Toyo Observe® GSi-6 HP from Toyo Tire Canada Inc., designed for the harshest winter conditions featuring Toyo’s signature Microbit Technology™. These high performance rated sizes are ideal for passenger cars, sport coupes and some sport SUVs.

The GSI-6 HP incorporates high levels of silica along with a new high grip polymer blended in the rubber compound keeping the tire pliable in colder temperatures. This results in a tire that performs better in snow and ice, with a notable improvement on cold wet roads. The compound, combined with Toyo’s Microbit Technology™, features crushed black walnut shells embedded in the tread compound that helps to further improve the tire’s grip on any slippery road surface.

The directional tread design with tapered evacuation grooves quickly redirects water, snow and slush away from the centre of the tire. The snow claw edges within the tread grooves enhance traction in deep snow and slush while the high concentration of full depth sipes combined with a unique 360-degree spiral edge sipe improve traction when accelerating, cornering or braking.

Available in sizes to fit 16- to 19-inch wheels and “H” & “V” speed ratings, the new Toyo Observe GSi-6 HP is a serious winter tire upgrade for today’s high-performance cars. Learn more about Toyo Observe GSi-6 HP at toyotires.ca.

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