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Show off your know-how online.

If it seems like you’re seeing video everywhere, it’s true. And when you consider that 80 percent of buying decisions come from video, it’s no wonder.

So how can you get it on the action? How can you pull in more customers with video? First of all, think about what people are looking for. According to studies, people search for “how-to” videos more than anything else. And with the tire industry, there are many topics to leverage.

For example, how to change a tire. How to check your air pressure. Knowing to check the air pressure in your spare. Understanding the codes on your sidewall. The list goes on and on!

Keep it simple

It doesn’t have to be long—no one’s expecting a feature film! In fact, the ideal length for a how-to consumer video is about two minutes. Avoid having too much written context in your description, and giving away all your valuable advice. You want people to watch and become engaged in the video.

You can create a YouTube channel with your videos, post them on your website, Facebook, blog posts, and more. Put it on as many platforms as you can, so when people search for it, they’ll find you. That will boost your search engine optimization (SEO), grow your brand, and of course, attract customers who may not have been aware of your business.

You want people to follow you on different platforms, so include a clip—not the whole video—on Instagram. Include a link to YouTube in the description box. Don’t forget about Twitter, too.

Control you content

Try doing the video yourself. If you hire someone who’s not involved in your business, you’re letting them decide the voice of your brand, your company. If you don’t have time or understand the technology, of course it’s fine to hire someone, but understand what’s being done and stay involved, so you can get the final say.

Start by creating a list of good how-to videos that you know will be easy to do. Go online and search some how-to videos and see what’s out there. And then sit down and create a plan. You should have ideas for about five different how-to videos.

Try doing the video yourself, and see how you like doing it, and what’s involved. Today’s video equipment is fairly user-friendly.

Picking the platforms

Then it’s time to pick the platforms that you’ll be posting on, so create a YouTube channel, your Facebook page, website, blog, etc. You don’t need to post a video every day, but maybe two videos a week. You don’t want to water down your content, but rather start slowly and build up your audience organically.

People following you on Facebook will start checking out your YouTube channel, and then you can get a little more aggressive. You can even ask questions, asking viewers what they want to see, what they want to do.

Be sure your videos reinforce your brand, what makes your shop different. Engage and involve your audience, and don’t worry about making the perfect video. It’ll make you human and more appealing to your viewers. Your video project may take some time, but it will be well worth it.

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