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TireNews was present at the September launch of the latest Martins Industries product offering, which took place during the Automechanika Frankfurt trade fair, in Germany.

The new line of MIC-6HD inflation cages for truck and bus tires is the latest addition to the twenty plus tire cage lines marketed by the Canadian company.

The new tire inflation cages are comprised of six ultra-resistant reinforcement bars, door-mounted safety valve and air supply line featuring locking air chuck and automatic shutoff. According to Martins, the safety components “virtually eliminate the risk of injury associated with inflating truck and bus tires.”

Martins Industries MIC-6HD tire cages meet local safety standards applicable throughout the North-American market.

As the leading tire inflation cage designer and manufacturer, Martins Industries markets over twenty tire cage models, including three MIC-6HD models.

The new MIC-6HD line is available in three variants: 6-bar HD tire inflation cage; 6-bar HD tire inflation cage with automatic inflation system; 6-bar HD Inflation Pit Stop.

“We brainstormed with tire professionals across the globe, as well as those in the markets where our production and distribution facilities are located, which led to the development of efficient, safety-oriented products that meet the specific needs of the industry,” explains Martins Industries Founder and President, Martin Depelteau. “The new MIC-6HD tire cage is a direct result of these collaborations. By sharing ideas, we always end up with exceptional solutions.”

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